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Manhood Redux: Standing Up to Feminism
By C.H. Freedman
Publisher: Samson Publishers, 1985

Softcover trade paperback
Price: $9.95

Note that this book, although new, shows scuffing and also blotching on the cover because of shipping wear and storage wear.

Although not originally published by Primrose Press, this book is distributed under its auspices because Freedman and Amnéus, to a great extent, share the same philosophy. As the title indicates, this book is a resounding critique of feminism. It has the unique insight of pointing out how feminists, in covert ways, are the ones who actually commit the crimes which they accuse "the patriarchy" of committing. This book is replete with case histories which debunk the theoretical foundations of early feminism, and discredit the supposedly empirical claims of more recent feminists. Freedman was a long-time columnist for the New York City Tribune, and his sharp skills as a political commentator are invincible when brought to bear on modern-day society's issues and ills.

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