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The Mystery of Macbeth
By Daniel Amnéus, Ph.D.
Publisher: Primrose Press

Softcover trade paperback
Price: $6.95
ISBN: 0-9610864-0-6

Hardcover with dustjacket
Price: $12.95
ISBN: 0-9610864-0-8

Here is the definitive critical text for Shakespeare's Macbeth. It argues for two very distinct versions of the play: a first one which is more elaborate and believable, as opposed to the confusing and truncated version which has come down to us as the "First folio.htm" rendition. The main thesis of Amnéus' book is that Macbeth was actually written in 1599, when James was still King of Scotland. Macbeth then was later hastily rewritten in 1606 (the date usually given for when it was first written) on the occasion of a visit by King Christian IV of Denmark (James's brother-in-law). This little book reads like a mystery novel, and while its value to Shakespeare scholars has been duly lauded, its appeal to the general reader as an exercise in suspense has only recently come to our attention.

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