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The Case for Father Custody
By Daniel Amnéus, Ph.D.
Publisher: Primrose Press

Hardcover with dustjacket
Price: $23.95
ISBN: 0-9610864-6-7

Here is the apex of Daniel Amnéus' thinking on issues surrounding the family, divorce, and parenting. Amnéus argues convincingly that divorce not only weds the mother to the state, but also ostracizes the father while demanding his paycheck and creating an anarchy of optional lifestyles which leave people adrift without any firm sense of values. Endorsed by Warren Farrell, Richard Doyle, Victor Smith, and others, this book sets forth the traditional, nuclear family as the necessary matrix for a stable society and as the only crucible within which a civilization's workable values can receive proper nourishment.

A 1-hour cassette tape of Daniel Amnéus reading from the above book is available. Price: $4.00

This hour-long reading by Daniel Amnéus, from his book which bears the same title, gives emphasis to the urgency, the veracity, and the inspirational tone of his book.
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