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Back to Patriarchy
By Daniel Amnéus, Ph.D.
Publisher: Arlington House, under the auspices of Primrose Press

Hardcover with dustjacket
Price: $59.99
ISBN: 0-87000-436-0

Note: Copies are new, with dustjacket, but scuffing and wear on jackets caused by long storage is evident.

This unique foray into the sociology of the family argues that because fathers have a less clearly defined biological claim to their children than do mothers, fathers warrant having a special status bestowed upon them by society. They deserve to be recognized as head of the family unit, their role as protector honored, and their sacrifices as provider rewarded. Even those who can not agree with the theses of this book will nevertheless find its criticisms of feminism erudite, sobering, and convincing. This is an inspiring book for those who believe in traditional family values.

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